Yesterday I decided that I couldn’t stand my long hair in this hot weather for another minute.  I’d say I cut off about 5-6 inches of hair.


Dave was out late last night.  He is spending the weekend hanging out with an old college friend.  I saw him briefly before he headed back out this morning.  I kid you not when I say he didn’t even notice.  I think that those closest to you are often the ones who get very little of your attention and energy.  I think we all do it to some degree.  I am not saying it is right.  I am just saying it is true.




10 thoughts on “Preoccupied

  1. Love it. Reminds me of the time right before HS graduation you cut off probably 10 inches of hair. I loved it as it made you look a little older and I think you did it to get ready for a new beginning at college. However, you must have had 2nd thoughts as you took those four years to grow it out again!!! I love you always.
    Have to say your Dad always notices when I have been to get my hair cut, but it might take his a few hours to say something. Now, since we are both home, he knows I am going but even in the workong part of our lives, he always did notice!!!!

  2. I LOVE the hair cut. I really think it makes you younger!!!!!! Men just don’t get it most of the time. It would take Gary a month before he would notice and he’s around all day every day! ha ha

  3. Your hair looks great! I dyed my hair red once and Bob didn’t notice. It was obviously a different hair color and everyone around me noticed. It’s a guy thing. I don’t think we are meant to understand it.

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