I Don’t Know Much….

I tend to think of songs that relate to events or words.  Today we got an email from Dave’s doctor that told us a little, but overall I felt like we didn’t know very much.  So naturally this is the first thing that popped into my head…


Anyway, on to the real news.  The brief email Dave got said that his lung tumors were stable (good news) but that the liver tumors had shown growth (not such good news).  In the whole scheme of things, I think we are feeling relieved.  I was happy to hear that there were no tumors in any new locations.  It will be helpful to read the actual scan report and see all the details.  We will go in on Thursday to discuss treatment options.  Dave is dreading some of the available chemo drugs and their side effects, but he is also in the slim margin of people who don’t lose their hair on his current regimen.  So, hopefully he will again be able to defy the odds and escape some of the ickier side effects of any future drugs.

On a different medical note, Sammi’s wrist is still given her trouble so she goes in for an MRI tomorrow.  The scheduler at the radiology place was an angel.  The only available appointment was Friday a few hours before graduation but I took it because I didn’t really have a choice.  She called me back later and had saved me a better appointment time for tomorrow at a different location.  She could have hung up and not given us another thought but she didn’t.  Small kindnesses.



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