This Could Be Interesting

Remember when I read this book?

At the time I was trying to decide if it would be appropriate for Samantha to read.  Guess what Grant’s required summer reading is this year?




2 thoughts on “This Could Be Interesting

  1. Mary has read it and loved it already, so she was really happy with the summer. I hope it works out for Grant. The author and his brother have some kind of blog and webshow Mary follows. She swears she’s learned most of her history from their shows. They are pretty funny.

  2. This was Langley’s required reading last summer. My son best friends father was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months prior. Book was inspiring… A tough read for those who have a loved one fighting cancer.
    It does teach u to live today live now to fullest and keep moving forward. My sons friends father is no finished chemo and will have colo. bag removed next mo. He made it :). Think of u and your family… Stay strong
    Best marie

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