A Knock at the Door


Dave’s car is having some issues with the A/C so his auto tech teacher offered to take a look at it.  We met at John’s house before going out to dinner tonight, parked it, and left the keys under the mat.

Fast forward 5-6 hours.  There is a knock at the door.  It is after 10PM so I look out the window to see who is there.  I was shocked to see a Fairfax County police officer standing on my front step.  With a very stern face he asked if there was a Dave Tremaine home.  I informed him that Dave was asleep.  I wondered what on earth he could want with Dave.  He asked if Dave left a car at a house on Magna Carta Drive.  My mind instantly thought that the car had been hit or broken into.  But no.  The officer said that the owner of the house was freaked because a strange car had been in her driveway all evening.  Those cul de sacs all look so similar….




4 thoughts on “A Knock at the Door

  1. hahahaha, oh my gosh I SO thought this story was going to take a different direction. that was hilarious! and you’re right – all those cul de sacs DO look the same. blame the French for dubbing them “cul de sac”

  2. That is so hysterical. I wondered why the lady waited so long to call police? I would have called after it had been sitting there 10 minutes. LOL

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