5 Random Things

images1. I have rediscovered Netflix and movies in general….

The Campaign = hilarious and inappropriate

Bridesmaids = see The Campaign

TED = dear God.

13 Going on 30 = could watch this movie over and over again

Playing for Keeps = snoresville even with Gerard Butler

Monsters U = very cute but you can’t beat the original

2. My friend, Wendy, has a german exchange student staying with her family.  She thought it would be nice if Sam would invite him to hang out with her and her friends.  I had to coerce Sam into inviting him to a movie.  She is SO glad she did.

3. I had the CRAZIEST dream the other night.  It involved a bomb going off, staying with some stranger who was uber prepared for the event, many door locks, and lots of running.  Think my subconscious is trying to tell me something?

4. We got a new pet.  Sadly, Dave’s bearded dragon met an untimely demise when the AC in his office went out over the weekend.  The 100 degree temperature in his office paired with the heating lamps did in the poor little fellow.  So, now we have another leopard gecko named Oscar.  (Together our leos are George and Oscar Bluth for any Arrested Development fans.)

5. I took Sam to the orthopedist today.  She definitely needs surgery.  It involves cutting a chunk of bone out of her right ulna, putting a plate in and letting it all heal.  It seems unlikely that she will be able to get it done before school starts, but they are really trying to get her in.  August 5th is a slim possibility so any prayers, good vibes or whatever you do are appreciated!!  Otherwise, it is probably going to be over the Christmas break and hopefully the cortisone shot she got today will tide her over.



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