The Times They Are A-Changin’


I have been thinking a lot about transitions lately.  We spent the weekend with some friends and their lovely toddler daughter.  Watching her lovingly tuck monkey in for a nap and listening to her chatter naturally made me reflect on how quickly my children have grown up and the many stages they have gone through to get where we are today.  Bright and early Saturday morning the kids had a swim meet, and they lost to a team that they typically beat.  That team is faster and stronger than in years past.  I talked to several parents about the cycles the swim teams seem to go through.  

The most profound transition is happening right now with Samantha.  She is straddling the line between adult and kid.  Too young to have a drink with the adults (at least for this mama!) during our family vacation and yet feeling too old to play with her siblings and cousins.  Not still in high school and yet not quite in college yet either.  She is an eighteen year old with the weight of the world on her shoulders.  As I mentioned previously, she has to have surgery on her wrist.  She is in chronic pain and worries whenever she bumps it or tweaks it in some way that she is causing further damage.  She cried when they said surgery would likely be in December because she is frustrated at not being able to do the things she would like.  At the lake, she wasn’t able to participate in the water sports, and since it was so rainy, she didn’t even go on the boat to tan since the sun was largely absent.  She is excited about heading off to college and yet also nervous about making friends and being successful.  And then of course she worries about her dad.  He is her hero and inspiration.  We talk about the phases of Dave’s treatments, and she has the same concerns and questions we all do.  Questions to which we don’t have any answers.  I couldn’t be more proud of the way she has handled all of these challenges.  She is working, spending tons of time with friends, hanging out with her siblings, and helping out around the house.  Her maturity, grace and generosity outshine most people I know.  My eyes will be brimming over with tears and my heart expanding with pride when we drop her off at CNU in just over four weeks.  It will be a long drive home into our new normal.



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