It Takes a Village


We would have not have made it through the last couple of days without our village.  I am so thankful for…

*Our friends and family, near and far, who were praying and texting/emailing/messaging positive words of support.  You lifted us up.

*Ruth and Robin for feeding us such delicious meals.  You fed our bodies but also our souls with all of your love and kindness.  And Theresa, Trish, Amy, Tracie and Wendy who signed on to help us in upcoming weeks.  I love you ladies.  Truly.

*Kris, who was with Dave for the entire day and through the night on Thursday, through all the pain and stress.  We are both grateful that you were there to help.

*Grammy and PopPop for keeping Parker entertained for three nights so she would be away from the chaos.  And Matt, Michelle, Josh and Alex for being here and willing to help in any way possible.

*Matt for following his trusty GPS all over NOVA to retrieve and deliver the vital prescriptions.

*Sammi’s friends for all of their messages of support and especially Logan, AnneMarie, Emmanuel, and Frannie for coming over to lift her spirits.

*Tracie for being “mom on call” and checking on Sam while I was at the hospital with Dave.  And also for making me laugh.  Damn auto correct!

*Grant who kept watch over Sam on Thursday so I could run out and pick up her prescriptions and food.  He told me “You can count on me, Mom.”

There are not enough words.

Thank you.  We love you.



4 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. I’m in tears too. I’m so glad you have such a strong support network, though I’m not surprised because you and your family are amazing. What you’ve been through!!! Sending a huge hug to you my friend. xxx

  2. You just reaped what you have sown. I find it a testament to your many good deeds, kind words, and to those who have benefited from them. Keep the faith!

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