It Also Takes a Village…..


Or at the very least it takes 2 Steves, an Uncle Matt, a Grant and a Tracie to move this chair.  Tracie and Steve L. thought that Dave might benefit from borrowing their massage chair.  So, Matt and Steve S. headed over in Steve’s pickup and between the six of us, we managed to get it from their house to ours.  Dave sat in it for half an hour tonight and was in HEAVEN.  I think this would be just what the doctor ordered if doctors ordered such things!

Today was a big day of progress for both patients.  Samantha is feeling much better and is pretty much off of her pain meds.  She had friends over last night so that was a good sign.  Dave is trying to slowly wean himself off of his pain meds too.  We took the dogs for a walk and he was up a lot more today.  He still needs the meds to take the edge off but is a completely different person than four days ago.  

Tonight we had our first family meal since last Wednesday.  Our lovely friend, Theresa, brought over one of our favorite meals – tacos!  It was so nice to be all together and sharing a meal and a space.  All too soon, we will be dropping Sam off at school so I am cherishing these moments.  It is also so great to see Dave eating.  Loss of appetite was one of the big side effects they warned us about, but thanks to our friends, he is actually eating really well!

Things are looking up around here, folks.  We continue to appreciate all of the prayers and positive support.  And we continue to be so grateful for everyone’s generosity and willingness to help.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.



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