5 Illness Related Things

1. Distractions are good.  Be it in the form of work or friends, it is good to have your mind occupied by something other than the situation at hand.  Dave went into work Thursday and Friday for a few hours and has a friend in town this weekend.  This has made a marked difference to his mood.  And all the craziness of late with Sam’s surgery and Dave’s procedure have kept me for obsessing about the fact that Sam leaves for school in a week.  When I do let my mind meander in that direction, it hits me like a ton of bricks.  I am going to miss that kid so much.

2. Two minds are always better than one.  Dave mentioned on Thursday that his stomach was really hurting.  I asked him if he was still taking the Prilosec he was prescribed prior to the treatment.  He didn’t remember that was part of his plan.  It is so important for at least two people to hear the information first hand.

3. A friend of a friend met with Dave on Friday.  She has just been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver.  (Sound familiar?)  She is being treated at Georgetown, and they told her she could expect to live about 2 1/2 years.  This made me so angry.  How can they possibly know how she will respond to treatment?  I don’t know the circumstances, maybe she asked what her prognosis was.  But it felt so defeating to me to be given a time line.  As long as there are treatment options and the will to try them, I am confident she can blow right past that prediction.  After all, we just passed the two year mark.

4.  When illness strikes, some people find a quiet corner, curl up and suffer in silence.  I would fall into this group.  There is another group that comes into the room where you are and makes heavy sighing or grumbling noises.  This group wants you to know that they are not happy campers.  I might know someone who falls into this category.  Maybe.

5.  Finally, I think the key to making it through the tough times is finding the humor in the situation.  Dave and I have always been able to laugh about some aspect of the process.  Thankfully, I also have friends with wicked senses of humor.  Here is a text that made me laugh for hours afterwards….




4 thoughts on “5 Illness Related Things

  1. I sometimes wonder if phone spell check is deliberately stupid so we spend more time on the phone editing not only our stuff but theirs! But I can tell you that after I remember it is usually dumber than me,,I ssssssssssoooooo enjoy reading the ridiculous words spell chick assumes I meant! HMMM here we go again…Chick!!!? Yea that is good, I will think of her as an airheaded bimbo with a hilarious “way with words”. Laughter is certainly up there as great medicine along with miracle drugs! Mom

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