Quick Update

Overall, Dave has been feeling better.  He is still bothered by nausea and fatigue but has been eating well and is even back to working out too.

The rest of us are staying busy too.  Parker has been down in Charlottesville enjoying time with Dave’s cousin, Brenda; her boys; Aunt Sandy and Uncle Elias and, of course, the horses.


Grant spent yesterday with his buddy, Rhett, and his family at Kings Dominion.  Grant had a blast and was so exhausted afterwards that he walked in the door and went straight up to bed.  We didn’t see him until noon today!


Sammi and I went to see her surgeon today.  Her clunky plaster wrapped splint was replaced with a waterproof, much lighter, purple version.  She is so happy.  We also got to see what her arm looks like now.


We also have been shopping and gathering up supplies for our trek to CNU on Saturday.  I have been fighting tears for days now.  While I am so excited for Sam and know she is going to love college, I am definitely going to miss our late night chats when everyone else is asleep.  She is truly an amazing kid.




7 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. So glad you posted that picture – reminded me that I forgot toilet paper for the two we are taking in opposite directions this weekend! Hopefully Kate won’t see it or she’ll want a floor lamp too! Safe travels – keep a stiff upper lip until you drive away – then let it gooooo….that’s what works best for me…

  2. Finally things are looking up for you all!!!!. Parker looks like a natural on that horse!!! Grant looked soooo happy also. Hope everything fits into your cars for Sammi ‘s big adventure. Don’t forget the snacks!!! Don’t forget the tissues Robyn for when you are out of site of Sammi. She’s soooo ready to take the next step in her life.

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