5 Things About Sending Your Kid Off to College

1. The first text messages and phone calls are the toughest.  Ours were full of homesickness and general feelings of discontent.  I responded with lots of encouragement and “give it time” type messages.  As each day passes, the number of messages will decrease.  This lets me know that she is too busy and engaged to text me.  Only one “I. hate. this.” text yesterday.

2. To stave off those feelings of missing her too much, I used that energy to purge her room and bathroom.  We discussed this before she left, and I had her blessing.  I get happy feelings when I pass by her room now.  Before I would just quickly close her doors so I didn’t have to look at how disastrous it was!

3. Teach your kid how to order stuff online.  I didn’t realize this was a skill in which she was lacking and that she would need.  All textbooks are ordered at CNU as there is no bookstore.  Billing address is not the same as mailing address and will cause your order to be declined.  Also, account number is not your banking account number.  No one will ask you for that.

4.  Connectedness is both a blessing and a curse.  I am glad that Sam can get a hold of me at any time for any reason.  But I also think it makes the transition harder when you can text your friends from home only to hear that they are also homesick or even worse they are having a rocking good time and you aren’t!  (Not to sound like a grandma but) when I went to school you had no choice but to get out there and meet people.  What else were we going to do?  Write a letter?  Sit at a pay phone?

5. I read a great article about this very topic. Two quotes in particular hit home for me. “The very best thing about your life is a short stage in someone else’s story.”  I think this is so true.  Her story is just beginning, and I am so excited to see where her life takes her.  “Well, 18 years is a window that closed too quickly. But, my son, those days have been the greatest wonder and privilege of my life.” Indeed.



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2 thoughts on “5 Things About Sending Your Kid Off to College

  1. I don’t remember being really hugely homesick but I used to go to Y camp for a month each summer and would cry when returning home. Not because I didn’t love home but because I had had such fun and wouldn’t see some of these girls for another year.
    My roommates and I freshman year weren’t that compatible as random matches usually are. But the first weekend they were both gone I was soo looking forward to having the space to myself and I recall being miserably lonely, instead ,despite having a whole Hall of other girls that I could hang with.
    I remember having a talk with myself about stopping the pity party and getting out there and finding someone to join me in finding something fun to do even if it was just playing cards or watching tv together.
    It was amazing how many others were feeling the same things and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend together and did have fun!
    I think that is why colleges over-program the freshman those first few weeks so they are not left with time to miss family and friends and instead make new friends with whom to share their next four years or a lifetime. Once classes begin, she will settle into a routine and somehow “all things familiar “will allow her to feel more at home in this strange place. Hugs, Mom

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