Unanswered Questions

Dave had his scan today.  This is the email response from his doctor —


We ignore the increase in size in the liver lesions as this is post treatment effect and inflammation.
The lung nodules are slightly bigger but not much-as expected.

The liver multiple lesions all appear to have increased in size. These are
all diffusely low in density. 2 of the target lesions have clearly
increased as noted above. Additional lesions also appear larger. The
subcapsular lesion previously measuring 5.0 x 2.5 cm now measures 5.2 x
3.4 cm. Adjacent to this a lesion previously measuring 21 x 19 mm now
measures 31 x 27 mm. The spleen pancreas kidneys and adrenal glands are
not remarkable.  The gallbladder is not remarkable  No mesenteric or
retroperitoneal mass or lymphadenopathy is seen.

lungs demonstrate increase in size of several of the previously noted
metastasis. Anteriorly in the right mid chest the previously noted 7 x 6
mm nodule now measures 12 x 10 mm. In the lingula the previously noted 11
x 9 mm nodule now measures 16 x 16 mm.. A third nodule seen posteriorly in
the right mid to lower chest previously measuring 11 x 9 mm now measures
15 x 12 mm..

No ileus or obstruction is noted. Review of the bone windows demonstrates
no evidence of sclerotic or lytic bony metastasis..

1.  The 3 previously noted pulmonary nodules are each increased in size on
todays examination.
2. Multiple liver lesions are also increased in size on todays study.

Did you notice “2 of the target lesions have clearly increased as noted above” but there was nothing above?  Dave talked to his doctor and he said that he believes the increase is due to the SirSpheres treatment but it could be that the tumors have indeed grown.  I guess we will know more when he has his MRI or PET scan in the next few weeks.

Dave also had an EKG today.  He has been noticing some irregular heartbeats.  We are waiting to hear what that test showed, if anything.

We will let you know when we know.



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