What Love Looks Like

Love comes in all forms and shapes.  Today it revealed itself as tea.  I have talked about this tea a couple of times before.  Here https://embracingtherollercoaster.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/friends-2 and here https://embracingtherollercoaster.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/5-cancer-y-things.  Since Dave was out of FlorEssence, Grant and I drove out to Leesburg on Saturday to a cute natural foods store called For Goodness Sakes.  (The trip wasn’t entirely altruistic since we also had lunch at a delicious pizza place!)  I was quite surprised to see that it was $35 for 17 oz. of tea.  To put this into perspective, 17 oz. lasts about eight days.  But they offered up another choice.


This packet was the same cost and you can brew the herbal tea yourself.  Easy, right?  Well, 12 hours later it is done.  The tea involves boiling and stirring and boiling again and stirring again and sitting for most of the day followed by “scalding” which should not be confused with boiling.  The final steps involve straining and storing in sterilized jars.  I am quite proud of myself. This box makes the equivalent of six 17 oz. bottles at the same cost.  So, well worth it I think.  Sometimes this is what love looks like.


So far Dave has been feeling good after his Vectibix infusion on Friday.  He felt a little tired and icky Friday night but has bounced back quickly and so far no signs of skin troubles.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this continues.

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything but is worth reading because it is hilarious.  And we can all use some levity in our day.  (If you are too tired to read it, click through and look at the pictures.  I promise it is worth it.)




2 thoughts on “What Love Looks Like

  1. Don’t know with this tea but when I make custard or custard pie you heat it the milk until you see a ring of tiny bubbles (sounds like something the late Don Ho might say!) on the edge next to the pan which usually occurs just before boiling point is reached.

    If this works for him that it is worth the time and $$$! Nice to see my baby girl learning to do things in the kitchen she never dreamed of, but wish sooo much it wasn’t necessary! Hugs, Mom

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