As Good As It Gets

ImageThis morning we had an appointment with Dave’s interventional radiologist.  The purpose was to go over Dave’s recent liver MRI/post-Sirspheres check up.  Dr. D. said that although the tumors showed no change in size, that didn’t matter.  The important part of the scan to look at was whether anything lit up – live tumors will absorb the contrast and light up on the MRI. NONE of Dave’s tumors lit up!  So the Sirspheres worked as well as it possibly could.  Wooohoooo!

Dave asked about some pain he was having in his back.  Dr. D. said that is likely due to the procedure, and it should subside over time.  Dave also told him about some stomach pain he has been having.  The plan there is to go off the OTC med he has been taking and see if the pain intensifies.  If it does, he will be referred to a GI doctor to be scoped to make sure there isn’t something more going on.

I think that this has been a tough few weeks on Dave, and I am so hopeful that this positive boost will help reenergize him.



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