Bouncing Back


Today I ended up in two random discussions about cancer.  In the first one a parent from Parker’s class shared about a cousin who has colon cancer.  He was given mere months to live well over a year ago.  I love hearing about people blowing those predictions out of the water.  The second talk was with someone I barely know.  His wife was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and they are treating it aggressively.  Her chemo treatments are just starting so he is looking for any and all advice as to how to best support her.  We shared information, and I said something about Dave’s side effects being cumulative over time.  He said he hadn’t really considered that.

Later I was thinking that the effect of chemo is kind of like throwing a tennis ball against a wall.  In the beginning you have all the energy of your (formerly perfectly healthy now you have cancer) self.  So you throw that ball with all your might and eventually it bounces back to you – and YOU bounce back almost as good as before.  As time and treatment go on though you have less energy to throw that ball and find that when that ball bounces back, it falls shorter and shorter of its goal.  Sometimes you need help even picking up the darn ball and flinging it towards the wall.  Sometimes you want to skip the ball and just beat your head against the wall.  I feel like Dave has been at this point recently.  So he is visiting his parents for a long weekend – golfing, getting some rest, and eating yummy food.  He is also giving some thought to altering his work schedule to work with his current energy level and take some pressure off of himself.  On Wednesday, we went to the Life with Cancer Center ( and discovered the many many options they offer.  Dave needs to take some time to reenergize so that he can continue this tedious arduous exercise.



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