Clearing the Air


If you are reading this, then you are from one of two groups.  The first group, made up of friends and family, was invited to share our journey via this blog.  The second group stumbled upon this website through fate and decided to stick around.  Either way, I am glad that you find our story interesting or helpful.  There is another group who is not included, my three kids.  They are not aware of this blog and don’t have the address because I don’t believe this is the appropriate vehicle for them to gain information.

This blog started off as a cancer blog – a way for me to share information with a group of people in an efficient way.  Somewhere along the line, it became more of a life blog.  It is like living with cancer in that there is lots of real life with cancer interwoven throughout.  Just as life can’t be 100% about cancer, neither can this blog.

Although cancer permeates our world and effects all of us, the cancer story is about Dave.  It is not ultimately about me or the kids.  So this blog has become my space, a safe place to reflect, share and sometimes just ramble.  I don’t think that I should have to justify my thoughts or writing, but in this case, I will.

A little while back I wrote a blog post titled “Learning Curve”.  It has come to my attention that a couple of concerns were raised about what I wrote.  So, I would like to first of all say that in no way was it my intention to paint Dave in a negative light.  I have reread my posting (and had others do the same), and I still don’t think that I did.  Dave and I simply do not agree on this issue.  As is true in all relationships, there are people or ideas on which we can’t see eye to eye.  My purpose was to take all of the negative feelings of hurt, anger, and frustration and dump them out once and for all.  So that is what I did.  This person is no longer a part of my thoughts and life.  It was something that I felt that I needed to do in order to move forward in a positive way for myself and my family.

If you would prefer to only read about health updates, I always categorize those stories as “Updates”.  You can click on the link on the right side menu to only read those postings, if you prefer.

I hope this has cleared up any concerns.  If not, please feel free to message me and share your opinions directly.  I would appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts.



Week at a Glance

Monday – Brunch with friends.  The perfect way to start any week, I think.

Tuesday – First day of school!  Parker is excited to have fun new school supplies and the same teacher as last year.  Grant goes back reluctantly – he is unimpressed with new binders and pencils, but he has done his reflection on the cancer book and completed the math review packet.  Dave has worked all summer but it’s different, of course, when the students are there.  I went back to work last week and am excited to see the building teeming with kids.  I have the best teaching job on the planet.  Once again I would like to say how much I love what I do.  Also, part time?  Perfect.

Wednesday – The day reality sets in and we realize that we have to do it all over again for 190 days or so.

Thursday – Scan day for Dave.  This scan feels huge to me.  Almost as huge as the very first one.  Dave has been off of systemic chemo since early June so it will let us know what, if anything, has been going on.  We know his liver tumors have been under attack from the Sirspheres, but this will let us know if the lung tumors have remained stable.  The usual requests apply here for positive thoughts, good vibes, prayers.  Dave will have a PET scan or MRI in the next few weeks to determine how effective the Sirspheres procedure was.  Also, Sammi comes home!

Friday – Sam has an appointment with the orthopedist to check on her arm and hopefully have the cast removed.  She will be very happy to be known as just “Sam” on campus instead of “Sam, the girl with the purple cast”.  I am hoping she will stick around for the weekend, but I don’t want to put any pressure on her.  If she wants to head back to campus, then that’s a good thing too.