Day #3 – Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and EggsI am thankful for a husband who loves to cook breakfast.

Parker had six friends spend the night last night.  At 3AM, I was reading them the riot act – that if they didn’t go to sleep there would never be another sleepover again.  Ever.  The girls had a great time, and Dave and I got a kick out of listening to their conversations.  One story involved a booger stuck to the wall told by the least likely girl in the group.  They painted birdhouses, made bracelets with their Rainbow Looms and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.  There were games of flashlight hide and seek and lots of giggles.  Parker carefully picked a menu to accommodate her friend with a gluten allergy.  She read every single label to make sure that the foods we were offering were safe.

By breakfast time, I was out of steam.  Luckily, bacon and eggs suited everyone’s dietary needs so I put Dave in charge while I sat and enjoyed my coffee.  So very grateful that Dave loves to make a big breakfast.



One thought on “Day #3 – Bacon and Eggs

  1. that’s awesome! I so remember having sleep overs and my mom coming down and saying “when I don’t get enough sleep I become a witch with a B!” – which of course made us all crack up after she left the room.

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