Day #4 – Words

ImageI am grateful for words – for the ability to use them to convey exactly what I am thinking.  I sent a letter to one of Grant’s teachers in which I described her teaching/communication style as “dismissive intimidation”.  She is not a good teacher and probably not even a very nice person.  I am thankful that I had both the opportunity and the lexicon to let her know that she missed out on the opportunity to make a difference in my kid’s life.  Her loss.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share through this blog the language of our lives.  Sometimes it is funny.  Sometimes it is a little depressing.  But it is always real.  What a tremendous gift to be able to communicate and stay in touch with so many of you.



2 thoughts on “Day #4 – Words

  1. wow. I’m so sorry that there is someone teaching who is dismissively intimidating. that should never be a quality in an educator. I am glad you were able to recognize that and address it. you are SUCH an amazing teacher and person, I so hope you were able to make a difference in her!

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