Day #5 – Grant

I am so grateful for this kid.


He is one of the kindest souls on the planet.  At fifteen years old, standing at six foot three, he is a gentle giant.  He is a self proclaimed “hugger”.  If you come to our house, he is going to try to hug you when you arrive and again when you leave.  Grant has a way with words that constantly amazes me.  Often times I will have him repeat what he has said because I can’t believe the string of thoughts and words he has put together.  He is smart and creative and incredibly funny.  Last week he used his “points” to order a gift for Parker’s birthday.  It is a tote bag with some of her favorite characters on it.  He didn’t even tell me that he had ordered it.  So, when it arrived we were all surprised.  Parker was surprised by the gift, and I was surprised by his unprompted thoughtfulness.  I am a lucky mama.




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