Day #7 – My Bed


(Wouldn’t this be an amazing place to sleep?)

I am grateful for my bed.  Most nights when I crawl into bed, I stretch out and bask in its glorious comfort.  When I have been away, there is nothing like hunkering down that first night home.  Today I was reminded that for some this is a luxury.  I was talking to a friend and colleague who was relaying a story about a child in our school.  The student was working on an assessment and needed to try to spell some basic three letter words using picture clues.  When he got to the picture of the bed, he seemed perplexed.  After some conversation, the teacher realized that he didn’t recognize the picture of the bed because he doesn’t have one.  He sleeps on the floor.    The picture of the bed did not resemble anything in his world.  Heartbreaking and humbling.



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