Day #13 – Coffee and the Crossword

I am grateful for little rituals.  Pretty much every morning I start the day with a cup of joe and the crossword puzzle from the post.  Because the post puzzle must be on the easier end of the spectrum, I am usually able to finish it.  (That’s not to say that there isn’t sometimes creative license – 34 down MUST be SPLORB since those are the letters that will fit there.) This gives me a sense of satisfaction because some days it feels like the only thing I might accomplish.  It can be the calm before the storm.

I would say that I am a person who likes a certain amount of routine.  On days that I work, there is a certain order and structure to things.  I definitely like to have an idea of where my day is heading, but if the schedule changes I don’t go into a tailspin.  With a fair amount of uncertainty in our lives I would say these little routines have become more important – almost grounding exercises.  I might not read more than a paragraph or two of the rest of the newspaper but for me it is well worth the subscription cost to have that fifteen minutes each morning.




One thought on “Day #13 – Coffee and the Crossword

  1. Me, too! After years of having to get up early to get to school, etc., having coffee and reading the paper and doing the crossword is just the BEST way to start a day. I’ll bet we do the same crossword because I too can usually finish them, but many times there is a word or two that I have only left in because the other things fit with it. I try to remember to add that word to my vocabulary, but usually remember it for only the next few minutes. The next time…..not so much!

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