Day #14 – This Kid


As I scrolled through a year’s worth of photos looking for a picture of Sam, I discovered that it is nearly impossible to find one of JUST her.  Almost every pic had at least one of her friends in it.  (Well, there were a few pre-op pics but I think we can all agree that she would not be pleased if I posted those!)  It makes sense though.  After all, Sam’s friends are a HUGE part of her life.  She stays in touch with her best friends from high school through frequent texting and (gasp) actual phone calls.

I am so proud of the way she is navigating life as a freshman at CNU.  She is studying hard, volunteering at the SPCA weekly, spending time with friends and fulfilling all her requirements for leadership.  She seems to have found the right balance between fun and academics.  Let’s just say she is light years ahead of where I was this time freshman year!!

Today we had this conversation over text….


I am grateful for such a smart, funny, and well rounded kid.  Our communication, mostly over text, is usually a highlight of my day.  Sometimes she is stressed, other times tired or homesick.  Many times she just wants to share a funny story, reminisce about something or just check in.  It is a privilege and an honor to be her mom.



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