Day #18 – We Speak the Same Language


me: Hey, Grant?

grant: Yea.

me: If you had a hammer….

grant: Would I hammer in the morning?

I am grateful for the way our family communicates.  We speak a common language.  Admittedly, a lot of it comes from Spongebob so in no way could it be considered sophisticated, but it is a way that we check in on each other.  It’s a quick way to connect and usually brings a smile to all involved parties.  Sam will text Grant a silly quote, and it lets him know that she is thinking about him which totally makes his day.

One of my favorite quotes comes from when Parker was six or seven and she knocked on the bathroom door and asked the person inside “How’s it going in there, boss?”  This is now our go to line when you just want to see how the other person is doing.  I text it to Sam often.




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