Day #20 – Dave

tremaine100Today is Dave’s 49th birthday.  (I married a MUCH older man!)  I am grateful to be married to someone who makes me laugh daily.  He is the goofiest person I know, although Grant is giving him a run for his money.  I continue to be in awe of his strength in dealing with all the challenges that come along with a cancer diagnosis.  He has endured treatments that would knock most people off their feet without much will to get back up again.  Dave is an amazing dad who brings a different set of skills and strengths to parenting than I could ever offer.  He is loved and admired at work by students and adults alike.  His energy has breathed life into a school that needed his kind of leadership.  Students are PROUD of their school and taking pride in themselves.

So, today and everyday I am grateful to share my life with someone who is in so many ways larger than life!



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