Day #22 – The One and Only

Parker.  Pwhiz, Pwhaz, Pwhuz.  P Diddy.  Peanut, Peanut Louie.  As the youngest member of the family, she definitely has the most nicknames.  Parker has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  She is wise beyond her years.  Intuitively she knows what the right thing to do is, and she does it.  She is also somewhat of a contradiction.  She doesn’t like drawing attention to herself and yet she has had hot pink streaks in her hair since she was three.  When people comment, she gets embarrassed and shy.  She is the only oboe player in the fourth grade band, and we are not even really sure why she picked it.  I believe that she is very true to herself – a trait that will serve her well in life.

In spite of her sensitive nature, Parker is also tough as nails.  Grant might try to tease her and for a while she is good natured about it.  But when she has had enough, she lets him know!  (I think she’s her mama’s girl.)  We have always said she is our “I will” kid.  It doesn’t matter what activity you have in mind, be it an adventure somewhere or something as mundane as laundry, when you ask who would be willing to go or help, she responds with “I will!”

Parker and Dave share a deep love of cooking shows, animals shows, how-is-it-made shows.  They will hang out and watch and discuss a program pretty much every night.  She and her siblings have their inside jokes and despite the fairly large age differences, they have a lot of fun together.  She serves as the barometer for appropriate conversation topics sometimes needing to remind them “I’m right here!”

I am grateful for my youngest child who made our family complete.




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