Day #24 – The Little Things

There are some things that I am grateful for pretty much daily.  What can I say, not every blog post can be deep and thoughtful….

I am grateful for all products Haribo – bears, cola, twin cherries.  I love them all.


I am SO lazy when it comes to makeup.  This makes my life easier and (I think) disguises restless nights or late bedtimes.


This scent is my favorite so totally worth the splurge to me.  I don’t know why but it always makes me feel more dressed up – even in a t-shirt and jeans.


I am grateful for Panera coffee.  It has gotten me through some long days.  And the lady who sells it to me is always so warm and cheerful.  It is a nice way to start the day.


Sometimes the little things make all the difference.



2 thoughts on “Day #24 – The Little Things

  1. I’ve been enjoying your thankfulness!
    Target has giant sized haribo bears (one bear= 5lbs). Maybe a 5 lb bear would be too much, ’cause it’s not a little thing anymore.

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