Flipping Out

ImageBefore Dave and I had kids, we treated the dog like our baby.  We often made pancakes on weekend mornings.  After we had eaten our fill, we would take the rest of the batter and fill up the frying pan.  We called this HUGE pancake the Luthercake and would butter it up before giving it to the dog.  We did refrain from using syrup.  I mean that would be crazy.

Why the random pancake story?  I guess because that’s how all of the thoughts from Monday seem – like I am flipping them around to make them palatable.  I am pretty sure that I am the only one who left our appointment on Monday feeling like I had just experienced a pretty convincing sale’s pitch.  Information that we had heard before was presented with a different slant.  The statistic about one of the drugs “only adding a month or two” to life expectancy was a far cry from a previous conversation about those odds being averages.  In other words, some people gain no time, some gain a few months and some gain a year or more.  Of course Dr. A wants Dave in her study, and she was very persuasive.  He is the ideal patient.  I am not second guessing the decision to participate, and you never know, this may be the wonder drug for which we have been praying.  At the same time, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that we are choosing between crap and shite.



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