Today’s Loop the Loop



When we left off, Dave was waiting to hear about scheduling a biopsy.  Before we left Hopkins on Wednesday, the nurse confirmed with us that the best number on which to reach Dave is his cell phone.  When I got home from work yesterday there were several messages from the biopsy clinic on the home voicemail.  Of course, when Dave tried to call back, it was too late in the day.  This morning I ran a few errands after dropping Parker off at school.  When I got home there were two more messages from Hopkins.  Clearly someone did not get the memo that the cell phone was the number to call.  

Dave got a hold of a scheduler in the biopsy clinic who said they wanted to schedule a liver biopsy.  Because Dave had the Sirspheres treatment this summer, he wasn’t sure there was live tumor to biopsy and wanted to make sure that they were also looking at his MRI.  The scheduler said she would speak to one of the doctors and call him back.  In the meantime, Ellen called.  She told Dave that they were unable to biopsy his lungs because the location of the lung tumors would make them dangerous to biopsy.  She said that Dr. A was going to consult with the biopsy doctor, and they would have an answer for us by Monday.  Ellen also mentioned that in Dave’s labs from Wednesday his CEA was up to 150.  Although it wasn’t altogether surprising news, it wasn’t great to hear.  It has tripled in the last month.  I know I have mentioned before that the CEA isn’t the best test and the numbers can go into the thousands. 150 alone isn’t necessarily anything to panic over.  However, what we know about it as it relates to Dave is that any time it has been on the rise, he has had tumor growth in his body.   

Not expecting to hear anything more today, Samantha (who came home today!!!) and I headed out to grab a bite to eat.  When we returned, there was a message from both the biopsy clinic and Dr. A.  (Why aren’t they using the cell phone number?!)  Dr. A’s message was something along the lines of “Call me back if you want to or I will talk to you at your appointment on Monday.”  Huh?  What appointment?  So, I called Dave to see if I had missed something.  He had no idea what I was talking about and began calling both offices back.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to reach anyone.  He emailed Ellen who responded telling him that she could see that an appointment had been scheduled for Monday at 11:30 at the hospital.  Dave logged into his patient portal and saw that it was for a liver biopsy.  Ellen included an attachment in her response which gave the necessary details for an endoscopy.  The endoscopy would be for a lung biopsy.  Having had no contact with anyone from the biopsy clinic and playing phone tag with Dr. A means that we will drive up on Monday to Hopkins and pray that they are expecting us and that Dave can indeed have the liver biopsy.  Here’s to hoping.




One thought on “Today’s Loop the Loop

  1. Goodness me, it seems that you could do without this miscommunication stress, with all that you have going on. Fingers crossed for this next phase of treatment.
    Glad to hear Sammi is home – hope you have lovely holidays together. xxx

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