Beautiful Devastation

We found out this morning that the youngest member of our not-so-merry band of colon cancer retreat participants died on Wednesday.  His wife had emailed us a few days prior to let us know that the end was near.  They just got married in October.  Both young, both beautiful.  In one of their wedding photos there is a wooden door that is open.  On one side, J is leaning the side of her head gently against the door, her eyes slightly closed, a small smile.  She looks peaceful and happy.  On the other side, K has his back against the door with his head touching it ever so slightly.  He looks content.  It is an image that I cannot shake – so stunning and so heartbreaking.  I am sad for their loss.  For their little girl who won’t know her father.  For the life K didn’t get to have.  And for the lovely woman who was his wife for two short months.  



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Devastation

  1. …so sad to read about this young man, knowing the loss his loved ones are feeling. I hope that you and his wife can stay in touch through the years. You, Dave and the medical personnel at Hopkins will be in my prayers today. Thank you for faithfully sharing your experiences with us, Robyn. *hug* because you know…people like to hug you.

    • It is a sad loss for all who knew him. What I hope is that he was able to have the strength and time enough to leave notes, letters, videos or some means of allowing his daughter to know who her Daddy is and what he wanted her to know to make her journey through life a bit easier. If that wasn’t to be then I pray his dear wife and family will share all the things they loved about him so that she will know what a wonderful man her Daddy was.
      Please tell them we are so sorry for their loss.

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