5 Christmas-y Thankful Things

1. By some miracle the gifts have all been bought and wrapped.  The shoppings gods were smiling on us Saturday because we encountered manageable lines and found all the items for which we were looking.  Woohoo!  (Although this is the first year that I can remember that one of the kids is not getting their #1 wish list item.  I am hoping the surprise gift will soften the blow!)

2. Dave has a new set of wheels for the many many trips to Baltimore that he will be making while on the clinical trial.  He really wanted a hybrid and picked out the Subaru Crosstrek in bright lime green.  We are affectionately calling it the “snot bubble”.  I will be much less stressed knowing that he is in a safe and reliable car as he journeys to Johns Hopkins.

3. The gifted minds and hands of the doctors and nurses who are treating Dave.  And especially for the ones who also practice medicine with their hearts and souls.

4. The five of us together.  It is nice to have a full house once again.  I am also enjoying having the kids’ friends over contributing to the hilarity and energy here.

5. Friends and family.  Friends and family.  Friends and family.

Merry Christmas.




3 thoughts on “5 Christmas-y Thankful Things

  1. Merry Christmas to the Tremaine Family! #4 hits home with me – I love having everyone around me. I’m glad you are all together and having fun, with the added bonus of other kids – the more, the merrier! Have a wonderful, busy, happy Christmas! x

  2. We, too, enjoyed having all 5 Tremaines under our roof on Christmas.
    We had many great moments that day but loved Dave’s perplexed look as he pulled out a barely started afghan out of a bag that had been named “a work in progress” and him saying that he thought he might have gotten someone else’s gift! Tell him it has tripled in length and although it has been in the works for two challenging years I am hopeful this gift will be completed by the end of the month!
    I also loved Parker’s face when we told her the last gift was hers. She looked around for it and I pointed to a large black bag that resembled those lovingly collected by PopPop each year. I was indeed happy that she seemed happy with the contents of said bag as she dragged her very orange bean bag up and down stairs to ensure a “comfy couch” place in which to relax!
    I also am totally amazed by Samantha’s delight with her two boxes of beverages to take back to CNU. It is so special to have her close and to see how she has grown these past few months into a beautiful young woman.

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