Numbers Game

Dave’s CEA number has been steadily creeping up.

October 14th – 22

November 15th – 49

December 11th – 150.5

December 23rd – 201.6

He has gone up to Hopkins 5 days out of the last 7 for his clinical trial drug injection.  This drug is supposed to decrease his resistance to Irinotecan, a proven colon cancer chemotherapy drug.  Tomorrow he gets an infusion of Irinotecan and as long as his blood counts stay up, he will get another infusion the following Monday too.  I am anxious for him to get back on tumor fighting meds as soon as possible.



2 thoughts on “Numbers Game

  1. We will try to keep the CEA in perspective and pray the infusion he gets tomorrow will bring that back down.
    We are happy you are all under one roof for another week and hope you can make some really fun memories in the next few days. We love you.

  2. Yes, I would feel the same way. It must be hard keeping things normal at home and not showing your anxiety. I am praying that this new treatment is successful. Sending lots of love your way. xxx

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