Middle of the Night Shopping List


When I came downstairs bright and early this morning (only to discover the schools are on a two hour delay!), I found this shopping list that Dave wrote out sometime during the night.  It is a list of beverages that he is hoping will be palatable.

club soda, cranberry juice, limeade, diet ginger ale, diet grapefruit soda, diet cherry 7UP, diet sprite, lemonade, sugar free popsicles

Since his last infusion on Monday, he has been searching for a way to get more liquids.  He is feeling dehydrated but can’t get water down.  When he had Irinotecan previously, he also got IV fluids.  I have suggested that we see if his local oncology practice can do this for him.

The good news is that he was able to get the second infusion on Monday.  He is the first patient in the trial to be able to do so.  His blood numbers are low but not so low as to preclude treatment.  They ARE low enough to make him susceptible to infection.  I am nagging him about being in germy places like Target and Safeway.  The trial nurse even suggested that he wear a mask when he is out and about.  But he is stubborn.  He has been to the Y.  and the mall.  and Target.  I think the need to feel normal sometimes overtakes the need to be cautious.  He is supposed to take his temperature twice a day to make sure nothing is brewing beneath the surface.  So far, so good.

Next week is an off week for treatment.  He checks in at Hopkins on Monday morning for labs and a nurse visit.  Hopefully he will be able to make it into work a few days too.



5 thoughts on “Middle of the Night Shopping List

  1. Will isn’t a big fan of plain ol’ water. He drinks club soda mixed with lime juice (from a bottle not squeezed) instead. Or water mixed with so much lemon juice it looks (and tastes) very much like lemonade. Just a heads up when shopping, I can never find club soda at Target but usually find it at our dreaded Safeway.

  2. Crystal Light makes a line of powder mixes called “Pure” because there is nothing artificial in it. I will drop a box of grape and a box of lemonade off at your house after I take Hannah to school this morning.

  3. oooh, I just found mixed-berry in the pantry too! I’ll drop and run so we don’t share any germs the kids might be harboring. no one is sick right now, but you never know with these little petrie dishes!

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