Way Off Week


Well, the off week is not going to be what I expected.  At all.  I thought Dave would get a bit of break and there would be a brief return to a more normal life.  Not instantly, but I thought by mid-week we might be into a more regular routine.  Dave’s lab results today suggest otherwise.  His white blood cell count was 230.  To put this into perspective, a normal range would be between 4,000-11,000.  His doctor was debating whether to admit him for IV antibiotics.  After a clear chest x-ray, repeat labs and no fever, it was decided that he could come home with oral antibiotics.  However, he is not to go to work this week.  He has been discouraged from being out and about and if he is, he is supposed to wear a mask.  With such low counts, his body cannot fight any infections.  Although he is already grumping about “going batty”, I think that he will follow doctor’s orders.  Next Tuesday, he will head back up to Hopkins.  If his blood counts rebound, then he will start cycle 2 of this treatment.  More likely they will not be where they need to be and he will get a shot of neupogen to boost white blood cell production.  I have a feeling our Netflix subscription will be worth its weight in gold this week.



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