Snow Day Update


We had several inches of snow which means snow days, sledding, hot chocolate, baking cookies and watching lots of movies.  The kids and I have been in full relaxation mode.  Dave, on the other hand, has been trekking up to Baltimore.  When they did his blood work they determined that his counts were good enough to start round 2 of treatment.  They have not rebounded back to the “normal” range, but I guess the trial protocol has a lower margin of acceptable.  So, he is back to doing the five consecutive days of SGI injections followed by infusions of Irinotecan next Monday and the one following.  Dave is the first person on the trial not to be delayed by white blood counts.  He continues to be a super star.  They are lucky to have him.

I think we are kind of holding our breath until he has his next scan after this round of treatment – so sometime around mid-February.  In the meantime, we have a bit of positive news.  Dave’s CEA had been on an upward trend prior to starting the trial.  It went from 150 to 201 during a two week time period in December.  This week his CEA was 121.  The doctor told him that we may see it bounce around for a while, but I am taking this as a very positive sign that all he is doing is worth it.  His quality of life has definitely been compromised in the last month, so imagining those tumor cells being knocked out, makes it a little easier.  (Easier for me anyway.  He’s the one dealing with the side effects!)

It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.  and Saturday.  and Monday.  We may never go back.  I’m okay with that.  I just downloaded a new book (This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper).  And also we have cookies.



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