Laugh Lines?

Before the State of the Union, one of the local news programs showed a montage of photos illustrating how much Obama has aged during his presidency.  My reaction was “yep, that job would do it to you” and “he still looks good”.  It got me thinking about aging ,and I quietly congratulated myself for holding up reasonably well during the last few years.

Then yesterday I noticed this in the rearview mirror.


Are you seeing those cavernous crevices in my forehead?!  And around the eyes.  And….

Definitely caused by doing this.


I make this face when I am thinking hard or when I am confused or concerned about something.  In other words, I make this face A LOT.  Sam is coming off of a pretty rough string of stressful events.  A few of them I mentioned previously.  Her week was capped off when someone hit her parked car and then drove off.  Luckily some students witnessed the accident and called campus police who handled things beautifully – from guiding Sam through the accident report to locating the other car and its owner.  As Sam has been dealing with things, I have been doing my parenting from afar.  Making her laugh when she is feeling down.  Boosting her up when she is feeling stressed.  Giving her the tools she needs to deal with the insurance company and collision shop.  And being the person she gets frustrated with because the situation is so exasperating.  Wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle, crease, crease, crease.

Tomorrow Dave heads back up to Hopkins for his next infusion of Irinotecan.  He did really well this week overall with fatigue and some nausea being his biggest obstacles.  He was even able to go into work a few days and catch up a bit which I know he was very happy about.  If history repeats, the next two weeks are likely to be more challenging with lots of resting and staying home.

In the meantime, I am off to look for some sort of anti aging serum.  Or maybe a headband.  A tight one.



8 thoughts on “Laugh Lines?

  1. Our new school is a weeeee bit different than our old one. Last month Aliks 2nd grade class had a Botox fundraiser! I was like, WTF, the whole time and then I noticed that same crease line in my forehead. I didn’t do it. I’ve earned my lines but they sure are creeping up on me. And, as my hairstylist kindly pointed out to me the other day, I don’t need Botox. Apparently that canyon takes something called filler to fix. Lovely.

  2. Wrinkles well gained and you should be proud of them! I have them too, but I’m not as honest as you – I call them laughter lines. 😉

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