Dog Tired


It has been quiet around our house this week.  Dave came home from Hopkins on Monday, crawled into bed, and has emerged only occasionally to eat or watch a little TV.    To say he has been tired would be a huge understatement.  We had been warned that his red blood count was low this time around so fatigue would definitely be an issue.  Yesterday he decided that he needed to get out of the house and went to the Y to sit in the sauna for a little while.  I could tell that he was feeling a tiny bit better today when he  texted me to see where I was – he was awake long enough to realize that I had been out for a while.

Another side effect that has troubled him is nausea.  Sensitivity to smells is a sign of nausea and probably has been the bigger issue.  We have done very little cooking since he can’t tolerate the various aromas.  I have had to stretch my imagination to come up with meals.  Luckily Grammy and PopPop brought dinner over on Wednesday so I got a break!

The last issue that Dave has been dealing with is the one that has gotten him out of bed.  He continues to have significant pain in his right side.  It started after his Sirspheres treatment in August.  The interventional radiologist said it would eventually subside.  But this treatment seems to cause it to flare up.  Nothing notable has been seen on his scans.  The doctors are throwing narcotics at the problem.  While I have absolutely no problem with Dave taking what he needs to be comfortable, I think it is time to figure out the underlying cause.  He will have another scan on the 17th and if nothing shows up, I think it is time to look into another type of scan or test.

We will be spending this weekend enjoying the winter Olympics and relaxing.



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