Breakfast Sandwiches on Valentine’s Day & a Doctor Visit on a Snow Day



Happy Valentine’s Day, all.  Grant is always the hardest person to shop for, but the kid LOVES a good breakfast sandwich, so when I saw this gadget at Target, I knew it would make a great gift.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our egg, cheese and canadian bacon sandwiches this morning.  

Samantha drove up from school last night so she could go to her orthopedist appointment this morning.  I met her in Fredericksburg just in case the roads weren’t great getting home in all the snow.  As it turned out, the roads were totally fine.  The good news that came out of this morning’s appointment was that the doctor didn’t think that her condition would deteriorate any time soon.  The not-so-great news is there doesn’t seem to be anything right now that will make it any better.  The doctor we saw, who is an expert in his field, would not recommend hip replacement at this point.  While it may be in her future, she is not at the stage pain and movement wise that would make it necessary.  Sam is SO frustrated.  She is not bothered about the pain because she is used to it.  She IS bothered by her limited range of motion.  She feels that no one understands.  Truthfully, I don’t think any of us can fully understand what she deals with.  She is a tough kids and will get through this, but for today, she is really sad.  And I am going to let her be.  Eventually she will get the “this is not the end of the world” speech and the “we all have our challenges/it’s what you do with them” pep talk, but for today, she is allowed to be bummed out.  

We are enjoying another day off from school due to the 8 inches or so of snow that fell Wednesday night.  The dogs are napping.  Dave is napping.  Sam is napping.  Grant and Parker are playing a game, and I watched a full episode of iCarly without it occurring to me that I could change the channel.  We are looking forward to a quiet weekend with all five of us.  Dave has a big day on Monday with his first scan since he started the trial.  Very optimistic that we will hear good news.



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