The Grapevine



Yesterday I was knee deep in third grade chaos when my colleague, Elizabeth, told me my phone was buzzing.  I never answer my phone when I have kids in the classroom, but I took a quick glance at the number and knew it was one of my kids’ schools.  I was pretty sure it was Parker’s which naturally made me think she must be in the clinic.  So despite the ill timing of trying to get a class cleaned up and out the door, I answered.   With my attention diverted the third graders got louder so I attempted to hear the person on the other end through the din.  

“crackle, mumble, South Lakes High School”

Okay.  Grant must be in the clinic.

“buzz, laughter, static, Kim”

Crap.  It’s the principal.  What did Grant do?

Turns out the principal of Grant’s high school was calling because she wanted to check on Dave.  (I ended up calling her back after my third grade friends left.) Apparently the rumor mill has been up and running among leadership in the county.  She decided the best approach would be to contact me directly.  And I really appreciated that.  So I told her some things that ended up being good reminders for me and Dave too.

1) Yes, the clinical trial at Hopkins didn’t work out.  This means the drug didn’t work for Dave.  But he continues to have other options and as long as he has options, we are hopeful.

2) Dave currently has a fraction of the amount of cancer in his body that he had when he was diagnosed.  He did have tumor growth but all of his tumors are still quite small.

3) Dave was unable to work consistently during the trial because he was driving up to Baltimore regularly.  He is hoping to get back into the swing of things as much as the new trial allows. 

4) We really appreciate everyone’s good thoughts and support.





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