Back in Charm City – Part 1

“We can think about surgery when you can no longer walk.”

“Keep taking Naprosyn but remember to see your primary physician every few months as it can cause liver damage, stomach bleeding, and high blood pressure.”

Since neither of these solutions was palatable, Samantha and I decided to take to the road after discovering the Kennedy Krieger Institute ( through the OI foundation website (  Wednesday morning, after dropping Parker off at school, we stopped to grab a cup of coffee for the road.  Traffic was surprisingly light on the toll road as we sipped our coffee and chatted in anticipation of the day.  The trip was uneventful until we were almost at the Maryland line where we were greeted with a wall of traffic.  All lanes.  Completely stopped.

After sitting in the traffic for about 45 minutes, I got this message –


Apparently an accident involving an SUV and a jackknifed tractor trailer shut down the beltway northbound.  Medevac needed to land.  Sam and I talked about whether it was lucky or unlucky that we stopped for coffee.  Many back roads, phone calls to Kennedy Krieger, and one grouchy receptionist later, we arrived an hour and a half late.  We had been rather condescendingly told that they would still honor our appointments but we would be put at the bottom of the list after “the patients who managed to arrive on time”.  I just kept repeating “kill them with kindness” in my head so the less kind words wouldn’t come out.

At the end of the day, we left hopeful.  The orthopedic team we met with at KKI offered a potentially beneficial, less invasive than hip replacement option.  If the physiology is right, a surgeon can go into Sam’s hip arthroscopically and shave down the hip socket giving the femur ball space to rotate alleviating pain and restoring some range of motion.  We have been referred to a surgeon at Johns Hopkins who successfully does this procedure.

Little did we know that this was the tip of the iceberg as far as what we would learn during our time in Baltimore.



I wrote about Sam’s hip protrusion here and here

3 thoughts on “Back in Charm City – Part 1

  1. I heard about that accident – I’m so sorry you guys were stuck in the aftermath, and so glad you weren’t stuck in the accident!!
    (I just learned that the hip socket is called the acetabulum, which is latin for “bowl of vinegar/acid.” The ball of the femur is just the head – nothing fancy there.)

    • luckily from what i understand the medevac patient is okay. must have been quite a mess.

      you are correct. the orthopedist in suffolk originally described sam’s condition as “notable femoral head protrusion into acetabulum”. : )

  2. I drove to KKI during Hurricane Sandy. You know when they told everyone to stay off roads. I saw several accidents on the way (an overturned 18 wheeler always leaves me the stressfree feeling I need before consulting medical specialists). But I had been waiting for the appointment for 4 months. The medical staff was great. I felt really good about our appointment that day and our appointments since. They did close the hospital to outpatients as soon as Dave’s appointment was over that morning.
    I hope Sam finds the treatment she needs!

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