Sometimes Love is a Mason Jar



Growing up we drank our sun tea out of mason jars.  I am not sure where this originated, but Mom had (and still has) them available for the beverage of your choice.  Dave and I continued this practice at our house.  Our kids’ friends think it is hilarious.  “I’d like a jar of water, please.”

For whatever reason my favorite one is a quart sized wide mouth jar.  It is the only one of its kind at our house.  We have pint sized and quart sized but only one of the wide mouthed variety.  Everyone knows to look for “widey” if they are getting me a drink.  Unfortunately widey isn’t always clean and available for use.  

Today I came home to this – 



If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.



4 thoughts on “Sometimes Love is a Mason Jar

  1. That is love, my dear, how sweetly they were so charmingly placed in the cabinet too!
    About the Mason Jars; As I recall, we had about 3dozen pint and quart jars in New Cumberland , PA. for canning tomatoes. We moved to
    Berlin and somehow they were packed too. Knowing we wouldn’t be canning and We would be having a very casual dinner party for Paul’s office the same week the shipment arrived, I just decided to use the Mason Jars .
    It was interesting watching peoples faces as they were handed a drink in a Mason Jar especially the LTs wives who probably either thought the COL’s wife was weird or maybe really layed back. They have been part or our kitchen drinking ware since. When the Duets(neighbors from NCAD) followed us to Berlin; we had them for dinner. He was born and raised in New Orleans. They had made a trip there prior to arriving in Berlin and they both commented how on top of the latest trend I was with the “jars” as they were all thee rage in NO even being used in the very popular restaurants .
    Probably the only time I was “In the know” on some fad in my life but they have served us well and almost never break which is a God Send to me the left handed clutz! Love you sweetie! Mom

  2. I remember drinking from those jars and wondering why we always drank from jam jars at your house! That must have been when I visited you in VA, judging from your mom’s explanation. They do look very trendy, even now.

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