Quick Update

Just a quick update on where things are in the Tremaine house.  Dave is set to start the new clinical trial tomorrow (fingers crossed).  There was a slight delay last week because he had to have a fasting blood sugar under 170.  Although he went into the lab several mornings, his numbers were too high.  Usually Dave has very good control over his diabetes but chemo messes with that greatly.  Or it could have been the pancakes or the ice cream sundaes.  (Why is it human nature to not really want something until someone tells you you can’t have it?!)

So, he was finally able to get a good blood sugar reading on Friday.  Tomorrow he goes in to finish up paperwork, labs, and then his first treatment which is a pill this time around.  After tomorrow things should be relatively simple.  A pill a day at home and going in every couple of weeks for labs.  Then in about two months a scan to see what is going on.  Hopefully this targeted therapy will get in there and kick some cancer butt.

Work for Dave seems to be hit or miss.  This week it has pretty much been a miss.  Hopefully the side effects from this new treatment will be manageable so he can get into a more consistent routine.  

As for me, I am off to Florida with my mom tomorrow.  It is supposed to be warm and maybe a little rainy at times too.  I’ll take it though.  In Reston tomorrow it is going to be a high of 29 degrees with chances of snow Sunday into Monday.  I am so looking forward to some sun (hopefully), some rest (definitely), and time with Mom.  I won’t have to be stressing about whether Dave is going into work (he will or he won’t), whether Grant’s IBMYP project gets done (it will!) or hopefully anything else.  I have stocked the fridge and the pantry and have left a very detailed itinerary of who needs to be where when and what they need with them.  Pop Pop will be helping out too.  It does take a village.





This was my view last year from my lounge chair.  Let’s hope for more of the same!!


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