Not Ready

For the second year in a row my parents said to me, “You need a break.  Where would you like to go?”  And for the second year in a row I said “Somewhere with sun and water.”  So Mom and I headed to sunny glorious Florida for five days.  There was a lot of this –


Some of this –

ImageFresh shrimp tacos –


And this dive that satisfied Mom’s craving for peel and eat shrimp (Looks can be deceiving.  The food here was great!) –


We spent our time walking and talking and letting the sun settle over us.  Well fed and well rested, I thought I would be ready to tackle whatever might be waiting for me at home.  But I was wrong.  I came home to a lost retainer situation, work, and stress coming from Dave.  So that first night, not ready to deal with any of it, I went to bed.  Over the next few days as I was catching up, I spent time with my eyes closed trying to recapture that serene feeling that I found at the beach.  I am so grateful for my parents who plucked me out of the snow and stress and gave me time to regroup and relax.

I have mentioned that Dave has been inconsistent about work.  That has been a big stressor between us lately.  I have been trying to dig beneath the surface to figure out the underlying cause.  Yesterday before I left for work, I sent him this email hoping that it would remind him of what he loves about his job.  (Minnie Vinnie is the bearded dragon he keeps in his office.)

“so i was thinking. i know you usually go to school in the afternoon. i think it would be really amazing if you could go, grab mini vinnie and hit the hallways. i’m sure the students would be thrilled to see you but more importantly is the impactful and vital lesson that you would be imparting that no matter what life throws at you, you keep persevering. that is something i try to teach my students every day. you are a living example and what you would teach them by merely being in the hallway to greet them is more important than anything they will get in any classroom. at the end of the day, you are an educator with an inspirational, valuable lesson to impart.”

I don’t know if my words had much impact on Dave but writing them down did remind me once again of how strong and amazing Dave is.



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