The City of Angels

We had an amazing trip to LA.  Dave’s brother made it really fun and memorable for everyone and the time flew by far too quickly. 



Dave’s energy held up really well.  It is such a relief and SO great to see him more back to his old self.  We did opt to skip Universal since he wasn’t up for the potentially long lines and standing around.  The kids were disappointed for half a second, but because they are such kind souls, they understood why we were bailing on the park and happily went to Santa Monica instead.  

We will ease back into reality this weekend before work and school start up again on Monday.  Tonight we started a new series (old to pretty much everyone else) The Wire.  It comes highly recommended from Dave’s brother and several other friends too.  We have never really been a couple that watched a show religiously every week together.  But we loved watching and discussing Mad Men so much that we decided to try another one.  I have a feeling there is going to be a lot to dissect with this one.  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Happy Easter.




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