I am not patient enough.

I do not hand out praise lavishly.

I am not sympathetic enough.

I admit these things publicly not because I am looking for support to the contrary.  In fact, I believe the reason these things don’t come naturally to me is because these are not things that I seek out or need.  I admire people who can respond with just the right supportive comment when talking to Dave.  Admittedly, I usually attach the caveat that “others don’t have to deal with this all day, every day” so it’s EASIER for them to be encouraging.

I admit these things publicly in the hopes that being self-aware will help me self improve a little.

Coming off of a successful work week prior to Spring Break and an amazing trip over the break, I had high hopes that things were swinging back to a more normal phase.  So, this week has been a pretty big downer.  No work for Dave.  Counseling appointment cancelled.  And these texts from Sam.

photo photo Image

I handled the situations with Dave poorly and a little better with Sam.  I am not superhuman, and I definitely am not beating myself up over this. I am just reminded that there is always room to grow.  Patience, Praise, Sympathy.




2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Goodness, we are so similar! I put it down to being a realist and a no-nonsense-coper. Also I have far more sympathy for others than myself or my own family – isn’t that terrible? Your caveat stands though; not many of us have had to deal with what you have had. Perhaps you need a little more patience, praise and sympathy yourself? Streuth, I certainly would, in your position.

    N xxx

  2. I’m with you on this – I have a hard time giving more sympathy than I myself require. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told my kids to suck it up when they got a little bump. And poor John – when he throws his back out, I just have NO sympathy for him at all because I manage to run around and get things done facing the same kind of pain.

    Pay for Sam to get a massage from a clinical therapist. Here’s one I found on a search of the Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals (which is THE association recommended by my professor). There are trigger points that could potentially be released and give her significant relief from pain without the medication. If a “muscle relaxer” is being prescribed, then a muscle treatment would be more effective at treating the cause and not just the symptom.
    Mary Magnusen
    Level: Certified
    Newport News, VA 23606-2622

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