And then there was this……



I took the dog to the vet a few weeks ago.  $321 and a diagnosis of “cyst” later, we were on our way.  When the cyst wasn’t healing, we decided to take him back in for a recheck.  Now another $301 poorer, we have been told it’s a mast cell tumor.  So, Winnie goes in for surgery today to have it removed.  If the tumor is stage 1 or 2 then he should be okay if they can get clear margins.  If the margins aren’t good, then it sounds like radiation treatment will be recommended.  We don’t want to think about stage 3.  

I don’t believe in feeling sorry for yourself.  I don’t believe it does any good to think that you have it worse than anyone else – that your plate is more full.  But seriously?  There should be a limit of crap that you have to deal with at one time.  

In more positive news, Samantha comes home today.  It’ hard to believe that her first year of college is done.  It will be so nice to have everyone under the same roof for a few months.  She and I will go up to Baltimore on Friday for her infusion of Reclast at Kennedy Krieger.  She says her back is feeling better after being debilitated for a week or so.  I am hoping that things are on the upswing for her now.

Dave’s scan was moved from yesterday to next Tuesday due to some insurance/clinical trial confusion.  All prayers and positive thoughts welcome!  I am so so hopeful for positive news.



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