Throw Back Thursday

Dave and I work for the largest school system in Virginia with 196 schools serving over 184,000 students. I can meet someone at a training and when they tell me the name of their school, I may have never heard of it and likely have no idea where it is. FCPS is huge. Except when it feels much smaller. Like today. Someone I met for the first time (who is by all definitions a complete Godsend) mentioned to me that she has been reading my blog. I was floored – mouth hanging slightly open surprised. Dave and I talked about it in the elevator as we were leaving. He said that I didn’t really understand how far-reaching my blog was. I guess he is right. I told him that it is a testament to how much he is loved and how many peoples’ lives he has touched during his 22 years in the county.

We are immeasurably grateful for our FCPS family. Dave’s boss has been Herculean in her efforts to support him. The “A Team” at Hayfield has kept the ship sailing high and strong when Dave has not been able to sit at the helm. We are so very thankful.

As I drove into work this morning after our meeting, I thought about the role that FCPS has played in our lives, one of them being unintentional matchmaker. Although we are five years apart in age, Dave and I were both first year teachers in 1991. My roommate, Alex, and I graduated from William and Mary and incredibly were both hired to teach at Dranesville Elementary. The other new teacher that year was a tall, blond fellow named Dave. I met him on my twenty-second birthday, the first day of orientation. At lunch that day, Dave attempted to open a packet of chocolate chip cookies. As the cookies took flight through the crowded cafeteria due to some fine motor issue, we cracked up laughing. I knew at that moment that we would be friends. Dave and I were the subject of much speculation around the hallways at school, but I was dating someone else so just shrugged off the comments without much consideration. Eventually, of course, the other guy was history and Dave and I became us. Within a month or two, we were engaged and the week before my 23rd birthday, we met up in front of the gorgeous stained glass window at Lord of Life to seal it with a kiss.

Guess I am feeling a little nostalgic today.




16 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday

  1. I think this nostalgia is just another way of healing for you. It is a testament to you and the love and teaching you share through the blog. Bless you!

  2. What a beautiful story!!! I LOVED the sweet picture at the end. You both are sooo loved by so many people.

  3. I remember you guys like that – and I remember you telling me the story of how you me, and it was all so romantic! Last time I saw you you looked like this – please tell me you haven’t changed! 😉 (Actually, if you still look like good I will hate you!)

  4. Laughter brought you and Dave together! That’s so cool. I love hearing the stories of how people met their spouses. Thank you for sharing your story, Robyn. And that photo of you two is fantastic! Through your looks, your smiles, your contagious laughs, your jobs, and your family, God has blessed your marriage in so many ways. Praying for you all as you walk through each day…. ~ Theresa

  5. It truly is a small world, this internet. I found you through your SIL blog and I too an alum of Dransville Elem,. Loved it there. Graduated proudly from Herndon High 🙂

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