Here are a few pics from our very productive day.  Our To Do list is getting checked off a little bit at a time.  It will be nice to have these things finished and not have to think about them again.

Image  A picture is worth a thousand (or ten thousand) words.  Literally.

We picked up the required physician’s reports and notes for our retirement plan.  That is the paperwork that was requested including office notes, lab results, scans, pre-op, post-op, meds, chemo treatments spanning almost three years.

Image We do not take good selfies.

My friend, Cheryl, gave me a gift card to the yummiest restaurant.  I decided after all of our hard work today, that I would treat Dave to lunch.  If you have eaten at Cafesano, you know that this was a sacrifice to share my gift card!  We tried to get the picture with the sign and both of us in it, but he was standing and I was sitting.  And he is 11 feet tall and maybe I should have stood up?  Oh well.  You get the idea.  Forgive the no makeup wrinkly face.  (This one is for you, Nicola!)

Image This one made me get teary eyed.

The Hayfield seniors painted the rock yesterday.  A very kind senior parent sent me this photo.  Needless to say Dave and I loved it.

photoWe drooled when we saw these beauties.

I had to edit this post so I could add another picture.  These delicious treats from Georgetown Cupcake arrived just after I pressed “publish”.  Thanks to Peggy, we are all enjoying a sweet sweet sugar high.



8 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. I’m a junior at hayfield and want to send a note to mr tremaine before he retires. Where can I send it so that he will get it?

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