Thank You for Being a Friend



We are blessed with the greatest friends.  The kindnesses that we have been shown during this journey have been humbling.  Here are a few things that have arrived at our house in recent days.

1. Our friend, Kathie, made food for days to put in our freezer.  On days when cooking seems too daunting a task, we can throw one of her meals in the crockpot and get on with our day.  This had made life infinitely easier.

2. Today Dave and I were driving to Social Security to take care of some paperwork.  At the stoplight, a truck pulled up next to us and honked.  The two guys in the truck LOVED the sticker on the back of Dave’s car and wondered where we got it.  I explained that my friend, Steve, had made it for Dave.  As they drove away, they thanked us for giving them a good laugh first thing in the morning!

3. My friend, Lexy, (who has been mentioned many times on this blog before) broke her foot.  She was ordered to stay off of her foot in order to avoid surgery.  So what did she do with her resting time?  She grabbed a bunch of pictures from my Facebook page and turned them into an incredible picture book.  Her inspiration was an offhand comment I made about never printing my pictures.  As I said to her – her thoughtfulness is unparalleled.  Truly amazing.

4. I featured a big box of fun activities that arrived at our house a few weeks ago.  The same three women who sent us that also sent us this gift certificate to Let’s Dish.  Parker had such a great time preparing meals when we went to Dinner Done in the winter (which was also from Stacy, Julie and Becky), and she can’t wait to try it again.  We will come home with lots of yummy dinners that are ready to be popped into the oven.  Not having to think about what to make for dinner might be the greatest gift ever!

I will spend my lifetime trying to put back as much goodwill into the universe as we have received.  



6 thoughts on “Thank You for Being a Friend

  1. You really do have amazing friends. To me , your Mom, that is no surprise as you are an amazing friend and birds of a feather flock together. You will also be magnificent in “paying it forward”! I love you Guys soo much and you continue to teach us how to be loving, concerned and caring human beings. XOXO

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