be careful what you wish for……

When Dave was newly diagnosed and we began to understand the enormity of the situation, I remember thinking (praying?) if it is going to be awful, let it be fast.  We have all heard the horror stories of lingering and suffering, and I didn’t want Dave to go through that.  

It seems that in the last month things have begun to change at a rapid pace.  He has slowed down. A lot.  His appetite has been cut in half.  The pain meds he needs in order to get through the day have quadrupled.  This week has brought about several new issues – edema, jaundice and shortness of breath.  So, I’d like to amend my prayer please don’t let him suffer, but please slow this down.  It feels like we are turning a corner and what is around it is scary.  He is weary.  I am not ready.



42 thoughts on “be careful what you wish for……

  1. You do not know me. This is OK because I am not important. What is important is that you know God is with you. He is with you in your pain and suffering, in your anger and fear, in your most desparate hours and hopeful joys. Psalms 32:7 promises that we are surrounded by “…songs of deliverence.” May you feel His presence, experience His peace, and believe in His faithfulness and loving care. No Earthly being can truly know what you are going through. However, Jesus who suffered all, does know and cares beyond what you can comprehend. I pray you will rest in His strength today and every day to come.

  2. Robyn–I had the exact same wish when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer. Your words could have been my words… It is a very conflicted feeling…. I wish you peace and strength…
    I will continue to pray for you and dave and your family
    Karen Hertel remembering Luther Jackson… the good years

  3. Robyn, my heart aches for you, Dave, and your family as you press on through these days. We all at Hayfield love Dave and we support you completely. We wish we could be more for you. Dave continues to be a hero here at school, for me and for all the Hawk family.

  4. Hi Robyn. There really isn’t a lot we can say or do to make your pain for Dave to go away. We are always here for you and your family. day or night. Always in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. My prayers to you and Dave. He most likely doesn’t remember me from LB middle school guidance (I worked with Kitty) but I certainly remember his smile and infectious sunny outlook!! He could make a person’s whole day just by saying hello!
    My heart breaks for you and my prayers go out to your family.

  6. Robyn, my heart just breaks for you and your family. I have been praying for you everyday. You are amazingly strong and I wish I could make everything “right” in the world for you. Put one foot in front of the other and take each day as it comes. I love ya friend.

  7. Our thoughts and prayers are with you – I hope for whatever outcome will be the best for you and the family to handle. Whatever is in your near future, you will have each other to lean on. I pray for the hurt to go away, and the peace to settle in – when you are ready for it. Much love, and virtual hugs.

  8. You and Dave are blessed,sweetheart, with such wonderful friends because you are both such great and caring people. Just know that for every response you get here there a many more contacting me and your brother and Dave’s family with love and prayers ie Palmquists, Crums, your cousins , our neighbors, the Quasts etc. They surround your precious family with an abundance of love and prayer. Accept it and let it keep you warm and safe knowing you are loved dearly. Xoxo , Mom

  9. Prayers continue daily for the Tremaine family. Your strength is deep and you are being surrounded by so many prayers and love from family, friends, co-workers and people you do not even know. Your mom’s post is very uplifting.

    • we definitely feel the support and love. i commented to someone that if prayers were grains of sand, we would be sitting in the middle of an enormous beach. truly. there would be sand as far as the eye can see. we appreciate it.

  10. Robyn, I run the Broadcast Journalism program here at Hayfield — Hawk TV — for which Dave has been a regular with his entertaining and enthusiastic guest appearances. One of our seniors, Nardos Zecarias, taped the following for the Senior Show that will air next week:“As the conclusion of our high school memories near the end of the timeline, there are many moments and people that the class of 2014 should be thankful for … Although Hayfield Secondary has come across many people who have made an immense difference and to whom we are greatly appreciative of, there is one man to thank for all of these opportunities. This individual has accomplished just that by changing the energy around the entire school, whether it’s getting pumped up for an upcoming football game or allowing the middle schoolers to attend the pep rallies to make sure no child feels left behind. I am honored to say that Dave Tremaine soared with the class of 2014 as he became the principal when the current seniors were freshmen and developed a comfortable environment in which students felt they could connect with him over the past four years. Unfortunately, Mr. Tremaine is retiring for health reasons, and will no longer be the principal, but will forever be a Hawk. Mr. Tremaine, on behalf of the students and faculty at Hayfield Secondary, thank you for being the change this school has been longing for. Your vibrant personality is contagious and has spread school spirit throughout the community. We admire your outrageous, Hayfield-themed wardrobe and your off key vocals when singing the fight song. As we keep you and your family in our prayers, we hope that you fight through your battle and are able to soar out with the seniors on graduation day. Lets flap it out one more time for Mr. Tremaine. (Hawk TV crew joins on camera to flap it out together.)” We continue to pray and think of you all daily.

    • scott, thank you so very much for sharing this. i laughed at the “off key vocals” comment and teared up over the rest. what a beautiful message. i have an image of nardos in my head as the student who was wearing a puffy orange outfit as her spirit wear. (dave shared a picture with me some time ago.) i wanted to read this out loud to dave but i knew i wouldn’t get through it so instead i copied it and sent it to him so he can fully appreciate her words too. hayfield was a dream come true job for dave. he loves that place and all the people within.
      he thinks the world of you. thank you again.

      • As much as being Hayfield’s Principal was a “dream come true job” for Dave, he was our “dream come true principal”. From the first “Hey Buddy”, to the visits to my classroom, to seeing him at EVERY event, to popping into his office just to say hello, he has always been a wonderful leader and friend. He made everyone feel special and the way he loved this school, the staff and the students is truly special. I admire Dave as our leader and I’m inspired by his courage and strength during his battle. I will continue to pray for him and for your whole family.

      • Hi Mrs.Tremaine,
        This is Nardos. First, I want to thank you for passing the message on to him. It means an enormous deal to me because I didn’t know how I could possibly reach him.
        Second, I want to thank you for this blog. Initially, I thought about how difficult it must be to discuss such private matters with the public, but then I thought about it again and came to the realization that yes, writing this blog must be hard, but nothing about this situation is private because of how great of an impact he had on the public. Mr. Tremaine’s presence gives off an instinctive positive vibe that allows anyone around him to feel involved and that’s exactly what this blog does for me, it makes me feel involved in the most comforting way.
        Third, my classmates and I are working on getting the news show with the Tremaine Tribute onto youtube and will notify you as soon as it is up.
        Finally, please don’t hold back any tears while reading this. Nothing is wrong with letting it out because that’s what you do when you are a passenger on a roller coaster, you embrace the scariest moment by screaming at the top of your lungs.

        we’re all standing behind you and you’re family.

      • nardos,
        you are so wise beyond your years. i love your roller coaster comment. thank you for this message and your tribute message. definitely do let me know when it is up on youtube. i know mr. t would love to watch it. i am not sure what your future plans are, but i know without a doubt that you are going to be a big success in whatever you choose to do. congratulations on your graduation. hugs, mrs. t

  11. Robyn – The previous comments of prayers, thoughts and well-wishes are truly a testament to how much Dave and your family is loved. What an inspiration you are to everyone you meet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all everyday and know you can count on us for anything. Love you all to pieces, Auntie

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