A Funny Moment

After getting an email from Dave’s boss, we had this conversation – 

Me: Debi said to give you a big hug.


Dave: Well?

(longer pause)

Me (clearly confused): Uh, what?

Dave: Where’s the hug?

So, if you have been passing on hugs and kisses, Dave plans on cashing in on every one of them.



12 thoughts on “A Funny Moment

  1. Message for Robyn: Please give Dave a big hug for me and Brian. xo
    Message for Dave: Please give Robyn a big hug for me. xo
    Love, Liz xoxoxo

  2. You two are going to be some BUSY people hugging and kissing. Almost every post has those instructions!! Have fun! Hugs and kisses from Lora:):):)

  3. I would like to place an order for 5 hugs – two big ones from John & I, and one medium sized one from Hannah, and two tiny ones from Sarah & Elly. And be sure to give Dave a sardonic grin when you give him Elly’s hug – because she always does that. 🙂
    Aren’t you lucky I don’t have any pets? I might make you lick Dave’s face.

  4. I love this post and I’m loving the comments too! 5 bigs hugs from each of us please. For both of you. Our cat doesn’t lick, so just a catfood-smelling purr in Dave’s ear, ok?

    • Rita,

      My Mom was as tall as Robyn, so when Dave would come to my house my Mom would stand on her toes & he would bend so they could kiss!

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